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The Porn Loser is proud to present a barely-legal, 18-year-old California girl with measurements of 34-24-34 and an eagerness to fuck that's unmatched by most women twice her age. She's a brunette with a tight, cute body, nice, firm tits and a shaved pussy. She's wearing black, sexy, lace tights and a pink lingerie top. This girl is a winner.

The Loser? He's just a loser. As usual, he has a hard time getting it up, and Kandi has to work real hard-harder than any 18-year-old hottie should have to work-to get him hard. But she does because she wants his dick.

In this scene, it's hard to tell who's the inexperienced 18-year-old. The lighting? Garbage. The pre-fuck interview? Loser doesn't know what to ask her. The camerawork is shaky even by Porn Loser standards. Half the time, her head is cropped off when she's riding his cock. But don't worry, fellas: The Loser's legs and feet are fully in the frame.

As usual, the girl saves the day with some ferocious fucking that makes you realize, "This girl's got a future, as long as it involves sex." Kandi's pussy squishes oh-so-nicely when the Loser is fucking her, and fortunately, his on-camera mic picks it up. Of course, the camera picks up lots of other things, too, such as the other cameras in the room, but teenage Kandi seems to be able to put all of those things out of her mind.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum!" she screams.

"Oh, fuck me!" she begs.

There's no substitute for youth.

      Duration: 01:23 Dee Dee may have a bit of a silly name but she certainly has a good blowjob technique.  There is one thing i would change however and that would be the amount of time the guy's cock is in her mouth.  There is a little too much talking at the beginning of this blow job movie but as soon as Dee Dee gets her teeth into her scene (so to speak) things get harder and faster and closer to the point of no return (AKA cumshot) Dee Dee sucks this cock so carefully and thoughtfully she must be able to feel every twitch in its length as her guy approaches his explosion When Busty Legends Collide Two massive boobed lesbians fingering their yummy slits Tic Tac Ooooh
Svobodova Marketa may be dressed like a dominatrix in her thigh high boots and crotchless stockings but she takes it like a good whore in this hardcore anal scene.  You can tell she has anal orgasms as she rides her butt up and down that thick shaft.  The balls hitting her clit are an added bonus.  Svobodova sucks her stunt cock's fingers as he literally fucks the lube out of her ass and we give you an up close and personal view. It's foosball time in the D.R. where the livin' is easy and the women are so stacked, they seem to come from another world and it ain't Uranus! No, these girls are super-developed and have tits far bigger than the majority of the planet's females. What is it about the D.R. that has produced women like Vanessa Del, Miosotis, Kristina Milan and others? We don't know but they're here, they like getting naked and they love to fuck on camera. Mr. Cock is playing foosball with Vanessa but he quickly gives it up to nosedive between her 40JJ's and motorboat them. Vanessa loves masculine attention and hard dicks. Our kind of woman. Earthy, lusty and not shy! They share mutual sucking and licking until they're both ready to ride. Vanessa greedily pumps his pole with her wet, heavenly cunt. Foosball can wait. They have a much hotter and hornier game to play. Vanessa's flesh mountains must be annointed with his special ball juice and she would not have it any other way. Let's roll the XLGirls video!
      Duration: 00:36 Extremely wild orgy with drunk college girls In the last installment of the training of red and blue, we test their sexual ability. They are tested on cock sucking ability, as well as their ability to please any man sexually while being restrained. 

These slaves have come a long way since the first day that we started working with them. Both of them started out with a strong desire to serve, but only one will get promoted to the Upper Floor to continue training. The other will be dismissed with the chance to come back in the future if she so desires. 

Saturday, February 5th will be a live shoot that will allow the members to vote on who is promoted and who is dismissed. I have my notes and a tally of merits and demerits, but ultimately it is up to the members. 

They have been trained in pain management, orgasm control, discipline, protocol, and slave positions. They have learned limits, and know what each of their bodies can deal with.
      Duration: 02:01 Sensuous Indian harlot Cavita gets banged by two enormous shafts
Jill is a gorgeous redhead chick that's about to strip and masturbate for your enjoyment. She's a pretty amateur model with a super fine ass that you'll be seeing a lot in this clip while she masturbates and get off in her bed. Two stunning lesbians licking a monster penis with lust
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      Duration: 01:00 Driving around, JT brags about his latest sexual exploits. His buddy CJ gets an earful and admits that he doesn't get any pussy. JT will not stand for this outrage and demands that his friend let him treat him to a girl for 15 minutes. They spot Miss Stacy Adams on her turf looking to befriend lost men and provide them with her trained, expert consultation. Stacy and her new boyfriends head to a trysting area so they can discuss CJ's issues in detail. She gives CJ some head which gets JT worked up so both guys start fucking her. They take turns fucking her mouth and whore-cunt in as many positions as this kind, gracious lady will grant them for their dollars. She jerks their cocks off on her large ebony tits as a farewell gesture because she truly has a heart of gold. Then, it's shower time!
      Duration: 01:03 Kyanna Lee told us off-camera that she was ready to get throated but we weren't willing to just take her word for it. At the start of the scene you'll notice we swore her throat in under oath and confirmed on camera that she was ready to loosen her esophagus so that you can get maximum enjoyment out of her Cambodian / Chinese neck muscles. She tries not to gag more than she needs to but if you get your dick deep inside her mouth and she starts to spew saliva don't be alarmed. That's just her way of saying 'Go Ahead Shove It Deeper!' when her mouth is too full for her voice to be heard. Girls Like Kyanna Lee Know What Makes A Blowjob Sexy - Relentless
Chick showing off her juicy pink pussy indoor Small titty babysitter Destiny Claire gets licked hot by her boss Sexy pornstar Jessica Fiorentino gets hot body massaged with oil by a black stud outdoors Nothing is a treat for a MILF like a bad girl she can make her do all the things she wanted to do when she was pre-MILF.  Carly's been a bad girl (well we think shes a good girl...but thats all interpretation anyway).  Mandy will have none of it and takes her to her little sex slave and make Carly "earn" her way back.  She holds nothing back as she shows her how to do it right forcing her head all the way on his cock then has her spread that wet pussy and mount the restrained guy.  But once she gets going he gets untied and lets her have it.  Like a nice mom she shares with her little student at the end. Amber has a fondness for satin and lace. So when she got a new set of lace corset and stockings, she was eager to model it for us. Of course, we couldn't refuse her and just watched as this beauty flaunted her assets. She was so fired up that we knew we would have a crack at her tight little pussy and her sexy little ass before the night was over.
There is nothing like a woman in charge at the workplace. And Gia  Giancarlo is a perfect candidate to be in charge because this cougar  knows how to put a man in his place.  She struts around in high heels and skirts, flexing her authoritative muscles and her calves in the faces of her subordinates. Why? Because she knows they need to be kept in line. So when she spies J Mac checking out her feet and legs, she knows that it is time to take this bad boy into her office for some disciplinary action.
      Duration: 00:57 Linsey's 18th Birthday Tess Morgan has been described as "the little engine that could". Could what? Could suck a golf ball through a water hose that's what! Once Tess gets started she doesn't stop. We practically had to pry her lips off Scott's cock but not before she got her first taste of cock juice. Tess just turned 18 and she's never let a man cum in her mouth. Hard to believe that a girl who can suck cock like this would skip the best part of a blowjob...swallowing cum. She jerked his big load on her tongue and we made sure she tasted the salty sweet gooeyness that every girl loves. Taste the rainbow Tess! Tattooed brunette whore Anna Nova riding a monster black phallus on the rocks The Princess and The Machines The Girl Next Door Never Thought Her Pussy Could Stretch So Much

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      Duration: 01:00 Big ass teenie Whitney rides on a big shlong and receives cumshot Cute teenage girl was hitch-hiking all alone. Of course she risked. I was shocked when she agreed to get in the car with three muscular guys (even though I was one of them). As if she was asking for outdoor group sex. I think poor girl simply had no other option. Of course it turned out she had nothing to pay with. But we didn't need much. Just a deepthroat blowjob. For each. And maybe an amateur anal fuck. Since the girl had no money, she agreed to pay with dp sex, and after we successfully ... Doing it with a BBW like Amnita is the best way to spend your nights but during your wakeful hours you'll have a hard time keeping your hands off her huge ass. Sliding my dick inside her is like the best thing I've ever done. Devon Lee isn't just any MILF she's a good friend and one of our favorite mommies. Her big tits and long blonde hair is what catches your eye first but it's her hunger for sex that keeps us all coming back for more. I swear Devon keeps getting hotter with every year that passes. And her blowjobs get better too! Devon gives the word "cocksmoker" a whole new meaning when she lights up a cigarette and blows smoke on this cock. What a smoker!
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      Duration: 01:00 Having two girls suck your cock is nice but banging a couple of twins is the ultimate two girl blowjob experience. The Milton Twins are known for constantly trying to outdo each other so once they got the negotiating out of the way it was a cock-swapping competition for the record books. The twins hop on two different dicks and swap mid-fuck to suck each other's pussy juices off the other girls cock. Have you ever seen twins so sweet?Show us the twins!Monique Sara Jay is one of the hottest items in the porn world right now and you get the pleasure of seeing her taking down a nice big cock for free!  No need to thank me it's my business (you should of course try to see the whole thing; you won't regret it!)  Personally i love to see those big tits in action and the way she jerks off that cock over those big puppies is something to marvel.  Look at that tongue piercing too i bet that feels great on the end of your cock when she's throating you. Emerald was an easier catch than we expected. Luring her back to our lair from the ball field at the park didn't take long at all. You can tell by her Playboy tattoo that she has wanted to be a nude model for a while and as a BBWHunter I was more than happy to make her wish come true... especially when she swallowed a load and made our wishes come true as well! Faye Runaway hopped straight off the bus and right into our laps. This is her first time EVER giving a blowjob on camera! Faye has a way of teasing cock that tells you she just spent the last few weeks hitchhiking across America and marked each state line with a victory blowjob. She's one of the few 19 year olds who know how to deep-throat properly and we made sure to put this skill to good use. She also knows her way around the head of a cock and sucks on it like she's giving his helmet a spit shine. However when it comes down to it Faye has a problem following directions. When our guy tells her to stop sucking his cock so he can glaze her face she pays him no mind and keeps sucking until she's got a load of seed sitting in her belly. Oh Faye Runaway when will you ever learn?We're thrilled that this bad-ass rock chick made her way to the city of angels...and we can't wait to turn her into our little devil.**Monique**
Double Anal Fisting?!?!: Isis Love and Kylie Ireland Strapped down with ass exposed, Delilah is mine for the taking. I flog and cane her before I shove a plug in her ass then spank her to orgasm. I like it when that happens. However, this little anal slut has a hard time keeping that plug in when so discipline is in order. A swift caning on the ass should flex that asshole tight.

In her daze from orgasms, she is transferred to the next station. Ass planted on wooden spikes and locked down using unforgiving hose clamps. Arms, legs and hips cinched down, and finished with a custom gag. She is immobile and strained. Without a stroke of any corporal I bring a suffering Delilah did not expect. With ice strategically placed and ran across her body she transforms into a tight, wet, shivering slut one orgasm at a time.

I take this sopping mess to hang her by her wrists and ankles. Her ass is plenty tender making any attention I bring that much more stimulating. I clamp her nipples and attach them to a clip on her clit. With my fingers stuffed in her I rip out an orgasm she didn't know she had in her. To my delight I dangle a vibe on her and watch her squirm and struggle to cum for me until she is depleted of all her energy. 
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      Duration: 01:00 Brunette and blonde lesbian Abigail and Janette licking eachother Check out our latest cute babe Jeska.  We all agree this is one of the cutest girls we've seen in a long time on 1000 facials.  This is a body built for nothing but sin.  She has a nice California tan one hell of an amazing tight ass and perfect always-nipple-hard C-cup tits. The guy that gets to fuck her in this movie is one hell of a lucky bastard. Imagine having your cock inside her right now looking down on her little tits shaking around before your eyes.  You could stick your fingers in her wide open moaning mouth!  Sound good?
Kitana Flores Is A Super Hottie! Sophia has lost a little weight since the last time we saw her and she was sort of skinny to start with. What could we do to help her out? Well we could cook her a big meal and tell her to relax... or we could rest her on the arm of the couch and fuck her ass for a few hours while she just laid there and TOOK IT deep until it was time to serve up a big blast of ass-to-mouth throat yogurt. Given those two options if Sophia came to your place one afternoon which one would you have chosen? Hell yeah... you'd be there fucking her face and poking her sphincter all day before sending her home with a belly full of jizz because that's just the kind of caring and romantic gentleman you are!Sophia hates being romanced... so use her asshole and send her home full of cum!- Relentless Horny teen vixen Annabella dancing on the hall for you
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Tits For Rent Sultry blonde nymphet fingering her tight cunt doggy style
      Duration: 01:00 On our goal to 1000 we stopped to treat ourselves to 3 smokin hot boy toys. Meet Skyla Banks Lucy Lee and Eve Lawrence. Man...don't know what we are going to do to top this. And girls really got into it and each other and put a little extra in it. Lucy & Eve swallow the dick whole! Skyla a head shoving lesson from the other two. Capped it off with a nice cum blast nailing each one of them! Sexy blonde cocksocket Sandy put on her best matching plaid set today for some serious ass play. Her red and black checked cap nearly got fucked right off her head a few times and the thick woolen material of her skirt came in handy for sopping up all the excess lube that was pumped out of her willing ass by a rock hard seven inch stuntcock! Notice the way Sandy moves once her man is in her ass most women try to roll away form the dick to make deep strokes more challenging but Sandy continually turns her hips toward the cock in a whorish attempt to get as much dick deep in her dumper as she can. When Sandy gets her ass fucked... she wants it done right!Sometimes Wool Skirts Make The Best Pornstar Lube Rags- Relentless "I don't like to be kept waiting. My pizza took too long and my stomach was growling. So I told the delivery boy to come in and feed it to me. When I finally bit into that cheesy slice I had so many emotions going through my body. I was so happy to finally get something in my belly and at the same time I felt so fucking horny having this stranger feed me. Before I knew it I was taking out my big ol' titties so he could look at them while he fed me. And if you know anything about big, horny women, you know that if the food they're eating is good enough to make them take those titties out, it's time to fuck. Even though this delivery boy was late with my pizza, I still tipped him with my pussy."
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      Duration: 01:00 It's hot down here in South Florida, and Candie Lynn, a 21-year-old student from Boca Raton, picked a helluva day to water her garden. Fortunately, she's not wearing much, just a little dress that doesn't even cover her ass when she bends over.

"It's hot out here," Candie said. She bends over so we can see more of her ass, then takes a drink of water, spills some of it on her tits and rubs it in. Her nipples poke through.

"Oh, that feels so much better," she says, and before we know it, Candie is ignoring her garden and paying attention to her pussy. She hoses it down, keeping the spigot on high, then lies down and gets on all fours.

"I wish I could have a cock in my ass," she says.

No cock is nearby, so she settles for a dildo instead.

"It'll do," Candie said. "But there are times when I really need to get fucked by the real thing, and this was one of them."

Poor Candie. Poor Candie's pussy. Lucky members.
      Duration: 00:34 While Her Husband's Away
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Jizelle Ryder is one of those teen beach bunnies who spends her days tanning texting and thinking about boys. Oh to be care free and 18 again. We knew Jizelle would jump at the chance to come over and lay out by the pool. She could tan her tits and if there happened to be a cock nearby we were pretty sure she'd end up sucking it. After all...her name already has "jizz" in it so she must like drinking sperm coladas on a warm summer day. Jizelle let us drool all over her tight little body for a while and then she came in for some cool air and hard cock. Of course she drank every drop and swallowed like the horny jizz-drinking teen we all knew she would be. Come back any time Jizelle! Divine titted pornstar Veronika Hanakov stripping thong and showing her tiny slit
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"Is there anything else you need me to do for you today?" Juan asks.

"Everything looks great," Arianna says, "but I don't think you are finished for today."

"What else would you like for me for do?" he asks.

"You'll see," Arianna says.

The lucky dude sucks her tits and eats her shaved pussy, then Arianna returns the favor by sucking his cock and balls. Arianna's G-cups bounce and flop wildly as she gets her pussy fucked in the missionary, side-saddle and reverse-cowgirl position (with lots of tits flopping and nipple sucking), then she finishes him off with a lusty tit fuck. Of course, he cums on her beautiful chest.

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Notice how the dude doesn't say, "I work for tips." Tits, maybe.
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      Duration: 01:00
Redheads are fiery. Another true deepthroater this one wanted a good throat-pounding. I put her to the test. On top of it this gag whore could bend her body like a pretzel too! I had some fun with this and held her legs behind her head while I dipped the sausage. She loved the forehead blast I gave her and giggled all the way to bathroom with cum drips all over the place! ROFLOL! Playful latina goddess Carman Sancha fingering her wet pussy in the pool Mia Bangg is an all natural big tits and full of skills girl. This one can suck and fuck and finish you off like a real pro! Mia also likes anal action which is always a plus. CUM and see how our new addition takes one for the team! FemDom Bootcamp: Episode 2 "Your cock may be HUGE but I'll do with it as I please" Sweet amateur chick getting pierced pussy banged doggy style
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Candy Cunt Dana Vixen is tested by the Upper Floor to see if she has what it takes to become an event service slave.
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"A big load of cum shows me that I did my man right," Sandra Ann said. "When I'm giving a young man a blow job, I'm trying to suck the cum right out of his balls. I think I did a good job this time."
Good job by Sandra Ann, good job by our stud. Of course, his job was easy. We'd all love to have it.
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Sexy titted pornstar Claudia Adams stripping thong and teasing us with her fuckable ass Santa's naughty elf decided to drop by for an early Christmas present. Kara Novak slid down our chimney wearing nothing but her red lingerie and a pair of jingle bells. She was full of eggnog and good cheer so she was in the mood to give -- a BLOWJOB. Around here that's the perfect present! Our guy relaxed and let her go to work on his cock like a candy cane -- licking and sucking and taking him deep. Hear those slurping sounds? It's like the pitter-patter of reindeer hooves on the roof. All Kara wants for Christmas is your sweet cream on her face!Happy ho-lidays!*Monique* Slim hentai chick puts this massive dick in her pussy and rides it
      Duration: 00:59 Some Good, Clean Fun! Jessica is the perfect teen beach bunny. She has long, blonde hair, a svelte figure and smooth, tanned skin. She's the bikini babe who makes you stay in the water a bit longer so that no one sees the tent you're pitching. She's the girl you practically break your neck for while staring at her walk by on the sand. In this video she's getting kinky on a boat. With no around, its just you and her in a tropical paradise. Her tiny bikini comes off to expose her small tits, tight ass and perfectly shaven pussy. Her puffy pussy lips looks amazing as she spreads them apart and sticks her finger inside her tight slit. "I really need to get off right now. I hope you'll get off with me," she says. You heard the girl. Now don't let her down!
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Crazy anal pickup fuck footage Little seen in travel agency vacation brochures, the prestigious Hooter Hotel is located near an obscure village in an Eastern European nation. The staff is composed entirely of hot chicks, busty babes who could easily be SCORE magazine models. Our Man From S.C.O.R.E. on assignment, using the code name Mr. Johnson, has checked into this pulchritudinous paradise and has already met the horny room service waitress Karina and the orgasmically-inclined bell-hop Melissa. Today he runs into Katerina and Dominno, the two slinky, mysterious maids prowling the hallways in search of...something. Mr. Johnson sees them outside his room. "I've only checked in a couple of hours ago," he says to the giggling duo, gorgeous in their skimpy maids' costumes that no other hotel on earth provides. "It can't be dirty." With a salacious giggle and a wicked smile, Dominno tells him in her sexy Czech accent, "We MAKE it dirty." She laughs. They proceed to enter Mr. Johnson's room and stain the sheets with fresh pussy juices as they have hot, lipstick-lesbian sex and use a huge toy for good measure. Johnson is impressed as he enjoys the show. These are really good maids. They've made such a mess of the bedsheets, it's a good thing they're maids. Now they can clean the room before they leave. What's going to happen next in this unusual resort?
      Duration: 01:10 Even when beautiful Dominno is masturbating her pussy with a sex toy, she seems to get off with it as much as she would if it were a flesh cock plunging into her. "I love to pose for pictures and make movies," Dominno said before the video rolled. "I like to look at my pictures and watch my videos. It doesn't matter if I am alone or with other people. There are many opportunities to flourish and I hope I can make a great career of this. I hope the guys love me." They do, Dominno.
      Duration: 01:09 Lelani Li: this little fortune cookie right here is a big dick chaser; well she finally caught up with me. She started suckin my dick and it brought tears to her eyes. "what u cryin bout girl".  It can barley fit in my mouth I don't know about my pussy.  It's a Big Black Thing it will stretch. I tried to go balls deep but i got half the pussy was so tight and wet i thought i would burst but instead she did.I hit her spot so good she got up ran to the bathroom...hmmm Cute brunette teen in mini pink dress Mia showing her sexy body
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We had some technical problems during a shoot which caused us to end early but with the first scene done I thought you might like to see a little alternative enema action.
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