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Hentai redhead gets her tight kitten fisted Jewel, a big favorite over at, makes her debut by popular demand. When she debuted in the December 2005 issue of 40Something magazine, she immediately became one of our most popular 50somethings ever, and now that she's 61, she's bound to become one of our most popular 60somethings ever. If you loved her before, you're gonna love her even more after seeing this interview. Jewel is charming, classy, funny and sexy all at the same time. She's from North Carolina, and she's the epitome of the old-fashioned Southern belle. But then her clothes come off. And she gives us lessons in how to properly spank her ass (do it right and you can make her cum). And then she demonstrates the smoking blow job, and we start to wonder, just how proper are those old-fashioned Southern belles after all?
      Duration: 00:58 Ponytailed bitch gets round booty fucked while gives blowjob
      Duration: 01:00 Divine Bitch: Goddess Aiden Starr
Slave: Scout
Scout, Divine Bitches' newest project: what can we do with him with 5 days of training and 5 different Bitches? Aiden sets the tone for his training by requiring him to arrive in chastity.  She completely taunts him with the chastity key. He's humiliated about his pathetic cock while he endures CBT with a heavy bowling ball weight, nipples are clamped with weights, and he's beaten with the flogger and single tail. He's objectified with a leather bag over his head and fucked brutally in the ass. He's then teased and denied in chastity with his balls tied up and made to worship Aiden's beautiful asshole. Aiden demands that he suck and kiss her feet while being close to her pussy while she gets off, but keeps him locked away, tight in his belt, denying him any pleasure at all!
Don't miss Scout's next day of training with Mistress Felony. Has he learned his place?
Maitresse's Evaluation

give up manhood

 sexually objectify
to treat merely as a sexual instrument

showing acts of devotion

Closing assessment

subject seems comforted in chastity until teased
anal abilities are average
pain threshold above average
worshipping abilities need refinement

      Duration: 02:01 Ebony FemDom wearing fishnet stockings and gloves sits on her human toilets face before sucking him off.
      Duration: 07:01
There's something extra sexy about kissing a girl and having her be petite enough that you can look *down* into her eyes as your lips and tongues caress each other. This scene stars a tiny little lady named Addison Rose who you may not have seen much of before but when you get done watching her you'll be seeing her a whole lot more often every time you have a daydream! She's one of those rare girls who looks like a normal everyday chick who you once dated or met at a friend's house. There's something so familiar about her. We dressed her in a simple cut-off denim skirt to add to her girl next door charm and we skipped the pre-fuck interview so you could be better immersed in the moment from your POV like that time you took a ski-trip and met that girl at the lodge. Addison doesn't talk much or moan a whole lot but if you listen to her breathing you can really get a feeling for her sexual pulse. She's the kind of girl who can't fake it you always know when she is about to cum because her petite pussy tightens up just enough to squeeze some juice out all long the shaft of your dick. Try not to cum til the end... she makes it a hell of a challenge!You've fucked a girl just like Addison - and that makes it even hotter!- Relentless When you have two hot redheads all bent over the piano and spreading their tight pink holes for you to fill, you have to make sure that you have your friend ready to help you out. These two hot chicks need real men to satisfy their cravings and a nice pussy fuck is just not enough. In fact, Belle might just have to help you out using her strap on dildo. Hottie amateur slut Sharon Wild gets pounded doggy style outdoors
      Duration: 01:00 Kerry is at the SCORE Casino ready to play some cards. She's all dolled up and anxious to win some money. However, the game she winds up in doesn't use cash. No, this table plays for clothes. Sounds crazy, right? But when you get players like Kerry, who the hell wants cash when they can get a superstacked lovely. If you love oiled tits, you'll go out of your friggin' mind.
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Missy Stone is quickly becoming one of the most collectible pornstars and anal entertainers available anywhere online! She didn't do anal sex scenes when she first stated as a hardcore model going with a lot of softer blowjob roles and plenty of lesbian action instead - but like many of the best xxx performers once her appetite got heated up she was headed for deep penetrating anal action! A girl like Missy Stone knew her fans would never be truly happy until the glorious day when they got to see her getting fucked hard and deep in the backdoor as well. This may be her best butt-fuck video ever!Missy Stone Knows Anal Is The Answer- Relentless I love hearing a young girl talk about why she loves giving blowjobs. Girls like 19-year-old Kali Lane don't always know exactly why they love sucking cock but they know they like making your cock happy. Kali loves the power she has to open her mouth and make a man get hard as a rock with just a few licks. She  freely admits that she loves the feeling of a cock sliding along her tongue and she challenges herself to take every inch. Kali gives a blowjob the way every cum-hungry girl should -- nonstop sucking until she's jerking his cock and making his baby batter splatter her face.Kali Lane gets every last drop!*Monique* Imagine car shopping with Alexis Silver. Yeah, we can't either. It's not that we don't want to, it's just that we find our minds drifting to her airbags and not the car's. But juggy Alexis would make a great saleslady. She seems like the type to do whatever it takes to seal the deal. Even if that means throwing in a few extras, and by extras we mean XXXtras. You see, she blows this guy's weekly nut-batter allowance with her jugs shortly after talking to him about a car for purchase. That's right. This guy didn't have to even buy the car to get his dick drained. Remember that next time you forget that you don't have to spend or give to get. 
      Duration: 01:04 Maestro takes full advantage of Bella Rossi' tits and Torn's mouth and pussy! Breast bondage is a must on the Rossi's huge tits! Torn brings up the back end with a fitting ring gag and clover clamps on her tits and pussy. By the end the house sluts are a drooling disheveled mess! All in an afternoon's work for The Upper Floor subs! 
      Duration: 02:01 Every now and then we hit a party or a club and we run into a chick that blows our minds last week we hit the jack pot. While out on hollywood my little home saw 3 chicks waiting in line that where getting shit my the doorman so I told them that the chicks where with me. Turns out one of the hotties was the sexy Lexi Love. That night we didnt even make it back to the crib we fucked in the parking lot of the club so I told her I just had to shoot her for the site She came to the house bounced up and down on my dick and fucked me so good she squirted TWICE I had to mop the floor after I busted a big load in her mouth so check out Lexi getting fucked by so good black dick.
Krysta Kaos is a sexy little wisp of a girl with a very pretty face and a very tough attitude.  This is the first scene we shot with her during her recent visit, and it's our way of getting to know her a little better by feeling her out.   We bind her to the floor with her legs spread and her arms back in strappado for a little extra tension.  We flog her hard, her perfect little tits are red by the time we cut her clothes off.  We pinch her tender nipples with our chopstick clamps and cane her smooth belly, inner thighs and cunt.  We finger-bang her to an orgasm so we can hear the pretty sounds she makes.  We snap a rubber band on the most sensitive parts of her body: inner arm, nipples, inner thigh and pussy lips.  She takes her punishment well, and earns herself another orgasm.
      Duration: 00:41 Ryaan Reynolds has a lovely big cock shoved inside her in this movie clip.  It's one of those cocks that bends up at the end like a real good dildo.  Ryaan isn't compaining about it anyway is she?  She's getting one hell of a fuck and it looks like she'll go all day long with that nicely trimmed pussy of hers and those lovely sized natural boobs.  You could enjoy sex like this forever couldn't you?  Well it's lucky for you that we have websites like Love Your Tits out there to serve your desires. It wasn't long before the girls started getting horny. Amai Liu and Linda Lee went into a bedroom and started fooling around. Guys and girls followed them in to see what was happening. Seeing the girls naked and getting it on was too much for one of the guys who went down on Amai Liu, but he was replaced by another dude who found himself with two pussies to fuck and two eager babes to suck him off.

Season Eight Match

The Amazon 
HT: 5'7
WT: 145 lbs
Season record (0-0) 
Lifetime record (5-7)

HT: 5'5
WT: 135lbs
Season record (0-0) 
Lifetime record (0-0)

Season Eight is now upon us. All new rookies, all new rivalries. Ultimate Surrender brings you the ONLY non-scripted competitive sex wrestling in the world. The only league of its kind in existence. 
Hollie "The Amazon" Stevens is back and has never looked hotter.  Hollie is now number 2 in seniority here at Ultimate Surrender making her way back in season 2.  This strong veteran is looking forward to competing in an entire season again.  Take note wrestlers, Hollie is back!
Welcome Addison Heart to Ultimate Surrender,  Addison is strong and very confident in herself.  The Ultimate Surrender mat has a way of redefining confidence in rookies.  Addison has the never-quit-never-give-up attitude, so you will see more of her and soon.
The Amazon is back, Hollie pulls out all the amazing holds and makes Addison a helpless rag doll on the mat.  Addison has no answers for the skill to Hollie.  Hollie applies outstanding hold after outstanding hold.  Addison never has a chance as she is fingered at will on the mat.
      Duration: 02:04 Delicious And Deviant

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      Duration: 00:41 Devon Lee is the kind of soccer mom that even the other MILFs all get along with on the sidelines. She has a way of charming men right out of their pants and then giggling when she gets accused by their wives which dispels all the arguing that normally goes on when a woman suspects her man has been banging one of the other housewives from the park. Having the chance to fuck a sexy thirty-something hardcore is a suburban dream but knowing that the mature slut can actually keep your secret makes a gal like Devon Lee even more appealing!Devon Lee's lips are sealed... except when your cock is between them!- Relentless
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"It has its own unique attributes," she says. "I have a rather large clit, and I have it pierced. The way it's positioned, it sits on the most sensitive part of my clit. When I was younger, I was real self-conscious about the size of my clit, and I decided if I can't do anything about it, adorn it."
These days, Shana isn't self-conscious about anything. She's a dominatrix, and when Juan, her stud for the day, comes onto the set, she takes complete command, telling Juan exactly how to eat her pussy, then how to worship her ass. And because Juan's been such a good boy, she sucks his cock and balls. Haven't you always wondered how a dominatrix sucks cock and balls?
As you can tell, this interview is more than an interview. But, hey, you're at What did you expect?
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Raven meets the doctor...Raven has a problem with being satisfied so she pays a visit to Dr.Depth..She explains  she has a hard time bustin a nut but things change when  Depth pulls out his tool to inspect her problem. Watch Raven take on Depth's anaconda as she has a SERIOUS orgasm. A lot of wetness and screams of pleasure....just what the doctor ordered. Sophia Lynn is a sucker for flowers that's what we heard from one of her agent. So when she showed up to film her 1000 Facials scene today we made sure to have a big bouquet of pink roses handy. Getting the best performance out of a blonde beauty like Sophia is a lot like getting her to blow you on a first date. Flowers go a long way she spent the first seven minutes of the video damn near masturbating with a big rose head and then showed off fantastic suck job skills once the main action started. You can tell by the way she lovingly latches onto the cock that she is emotionally blown away from the flowers... and was ready to blow away any big dick she needed to please in order to earn her cumshot facial reward. She didn't even complain once when she got a big glob of sperm right in her eye! Bronzed brunette tranny Cinthia wanking her giant dick
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      Duration: 00:44 Happy Days For Anyone Who Fucks Danielle!

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