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Relax And Pamper Alexis Silver will always be one of my favorites on Love your Tits simply because she comes back so often.  We think that she has an addiction to getting fucked and having her tits played with here at the studio.  It's not a bad one to have considering she gets paid well for it is it?  I'd pay her double to come and do it in private at my place but sadly i don't think i could afford it! Babysitter Gwen Diamond with big tits riding on the boss big cock The girl you love to see! Michelle May! Gorgeous and sexy with a wonderful body. This fresh video will drive you insane. Michelle is a very open girl. She loves guys but exactly what kind of men does she like? Michelle tells all. "I like authoritative men," says Michelle. "I like cops and military men and uniforms. I think it's because I am such a control freak in my life that I like to just be submissive during sex. I like losing control. In college I dated a short guy but he had a Napoleon complex and I don't like that. He'd freak out when guys would, like, say hi to me. I don't like that kind of control. That's a major turn off. I think that some jealousy is okay because every girl wants to feel wanted and like she is the only one. But I don't like guys who are going to pick a fight with every man on the street so that I have to use my savings account to bail him out of jail." Don't worry about us, Michelle. We play around so you're not the only girl in the world for us, with all due respect!
      Duration: 00:50 Charming ex-girlfriend slut Vanessa Lynn teasing a dude with her fuckable ass
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Jessica Fiorentino gives her ebony friend a perfect blowjob
      Duration: 01:00 Extreme hardcore and squirting video Vern is a player, he was before he got married and he still is now.  His lover-boy ways have pushed his wife to the brink of jealous rage and intolerance. She had no choice but to call, The Wives Club -a group of elite, hot transsexual women who reform cheating men.   Paris is assigned to Vern's case and she uses every inch of her sexy body and cock during this intervention.  He is tossed down in chains on the bed and easily seduced by Paris - he even plays along until she ruthlessly jams her dick in his ass fucking him while he begs for it to stop. 
      Duration: 02:01 If any of you members don't believe that women have a fascination with the Cock then take a peek at Cassie Young here!  This feisty female sucks and spits all over and she keeps playing with that schlong... she just cannot keep her hands off of it!!  Yeah dicks are great to play with... I love Cock!!  I wish I could carry a warm hard tube of flesh around with me!  I'd hug it and kiss it and have little tea parties with it... (okay that's a little over the top...)  Anyway I'm certain that Cassie's love affair with the Cock will last her whole life!  Cassie gets her head shoved all the way down on that rod and she gags nice and hard making her ass cheeks clench as her stomach contracts while she chokes!!!  I'll bet her snatch is getting wetter and wetter with each gag!!!  She definitely earned her privilege to sit in the coveted Deep Throater's Chair!!  That's a hard cock to swallow but she clearly makes it all the way down to the balls!!  If a girl can kiss the nuts while her lips are wrapped around the shaft she's earned her right to the Throater's Chair!!  (I already have mine on order!) -- Coat My Throat **Neecie** This pretty chick named Haley Scott is in need of a big cock and she came to the right spot! We paired her with this black dude and it was only a matter of time before she goes spread legged on the couch, taking a big cock deep inside her snatch.
Sexy hentai babes fight in the gym
      Duration: 05:00 Chai is simply Chai and she is the most beautiful and submissive Asian bitch i've seen on  When she sucks cock she knows full well that she is likely to get a dominant man that will stop at quite literally nothing to get her head as far down the shaft of his cock as he can.  This usually means that the lovely Chai gets her head shoved down so hard that it makes her gag and virtually choke on the huge cock she's trying her level best to suck on.  Mind you there is nothing like a bit of facial abuse is there? Adorable lesbian girls tongueing and licking their small hot tits Ultimate Surrender brings you the ONLY non-scripted competitive sex wrestling in the world. The only league of its kind in existence.
Season Eight Match

The Assassin 
HT: 5'3
WT: 107lbs
Season record (1-0) 
Lifetime record (16-5)

The Destroyer 
HT: 5'10
WT: 150lbs
Season record (0-0) 
Lifetime record (0-0)

 Ariel X is back and healthy.  This six season veteran gets stronger, faster, and more brutal each year.  This tiny girl is the poster child for what a Ultimate Surrender wrestler is.  She is one of the elite of the elites, on and off the mat.   
Welcome Saffron "The Destroyer" to Ultimate Surrender.  If you go back and look though the crowd, you will see Saffron at the last two US Tag Team Matches.  After one of the matches she approached us and told us she wanted to wrestle.  At 5'10 and 150lbs of pure muscle she was a bit cocky and pretty sure she could beat anyone we tossed at her.  So we thought we would toss one of our smallest at her and teach her a bit of humility.
Saffron meet 5'3 107lb Ariel X.  What's that?  I can't hear you over the sound of you moaning like a whore in rd4 :)
      Duration: 02:01 Lily Carter and Isis Love have made huge names for themselves with their smoking hot bodies, soaking wet pussies and tireless hunt for the best orgasm they can possibly have by any means to cum they can find.  We deploy The Sybian, The Assblaster, The Shockspot AND The MK II in an all out attempt to end the search for their perfect orgasm.  Lily takes it in the ass and pussy cumming repeatedly while demanding "...more, harder, faster!" And Isis is simply Isis - fucking herself to near black out with the Sybian. We have to stop filming and let her lay down after her lens soaking ride on the mega-vibrator! 
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Amy Starz is the kind of teen girl that you just have to let loose on your cock and let her play. She's wild and acts like a tail-wagging little puppy who can't help jumping all over the room. The only thing that seems to calm this hyperactive 19-year-old down is shoving a cock in her face. Then she drools and spits like a girl in heat. Amy starts off licking the cock like a lollipop and when that got her horny they gave her a mouthful of meat. I've never seen a girl who can keep up a steady stream of chatter all the way through her teen blowjob session and not even stop talking when she's got a glob of cum in her eye.You really are a cock-monster Amy Starz!*Monique* Beth and Kristen getting naughty after school Devin Reese gets fucked on her neighbour's couch
      Duration: 01:00 On Location Costa del Sol: Kerry and Cassandra The Pope, the Governess, and the Steward put the house slaves to the test to see who is fit to perform the job of slave consort.
      Duration: 02:01
ROUND ONE: The Pirates(0-3) vs The Goddesses(0-2) Beauty secretary in fishnets Gilda Roberts riding a giant cock on the couch
      Duration: 01:00 There's always a first time for everything and Candice Cane here is about to enjoy her first interracial scene. She's a cute redhead plumper with big tits and a meaty pussy that's willing to take any cock that comes it's way. Gorgeous babe Nikki Vixon teasing us with her panties and shaking her fuckable fat ass on the couch
      Duration: 01:00 Nadia Sinn must be getting the fuck of a lifetime because she sounds like she's being fucking tortured for Christ's sake! At one point during her fucking i actually thought that this drama queen was going to pass out with all the fucking. However she doesn't but instead she just goes down on her man and takes his length into the back of her throat easily and willingly.  This bitch can certainly fuck with the best of them it's just a pity that her voice doesn't always match her mouth movements! You can't have it all can you? Great sex and great editing?

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Attractive kinky couple in leather leashes and lingerie exchange oral sex and dominant sexual positions.
      Duration: 06:00 With a name like Esperanza Diaz you can probably guess that this girl is going to be a hot-blooded Latina who can work her mouth a mile a minute and needs a big piece of chorizo to satisfy her sexual urges. This is Esperanza's first throat-fuck but we promised to walk her through it and provide a big cock that is perfect for throat training. Esperanza primes her throat for a deep fuck and takes this long cock as far as she can...which is pretty far for a deepthroat newbie! The dedication Esperanza shows to getting this cock down her throat is something that should be taught to every girl. Horny Asian Keeani Lei enjoys hooking up with hunky white stud to treat her sweet spot with big cock pleasuring. Watch her hit it off with two horny studs and seduces them by showing off her sexy body and end up getting cum shower all over her tiny tits. Kristina Milan is the sultry, silent type. She could have talked to Mr. Largo in Spanish as a warm-up before the bumping but preferred to fill her hungry mouth with man-beef before fucking the sap out of it with her massive tits and hot cunt. Kristina wears a tight red dress, her huge cleavage threatening to spill over like a swollen river about to crest over a dam. Mr. Largo can only take so much of this incredible tit show and dives to get his hands on them too. The Dominican breast-queen has a pair of the biggest natural tits ever seen in our mags, DVDs and websites. He has to lick and suck her nipples, encouraging Kristina to lick them herself. She gets on top of him, still dressed, and tit-fucks his rod, licking the tip that is barely able to clear her cleavage space. This cleavage-crack is like a pussy made of soft, jiggling tit-flesh. It's time to make room for daddy in her sweet cunt...
      Duration: 00:35 Lily Thai is one of our favorite Asian pornstars. She's a charming young lady with brown skin, brown eyes and a delicious looking ass that's begging to get tapped. Lily Thai joins us for a hot solo scene and exposes her naked body on film.
Nychole understands that her boyfriend is just an average guy who doesn't want to be bothered while he's watching sports. She also understands that the only way she can compete with the boob tube is by putting her cute C-cup boobs in his face and jacking his cock. That gets his attention real quick! Nychole sucks and jacks his tool, getting it nice and hard for her pussy. When he fucks her, she asks for it harder in her pretty, little pussy. "It feels so good," she says. So good that her boyfriend blows his load up inside her tight twat for a super hot creampie!
      Duration: 00:36 Nothing gets us more than seeing two amateurs going at it and if you're anything like us, then you will love every second of this video. This stockinged wife assumes the position, throws both legs in the air while the guy mounts his dick into her pussy. Tara's Ass pounding interview... Kiki can't get through the day without a nice hot cup of coffee. Like any good neighbors, when Kiki was short on cream we were more than happy to provide her with some of our own. She didn't need any sugar in the cup because she was already plenty sweet enough. This is a piping hot BBW we hope to see again many more mornings in the future. Missy Monroe is in a hell of a position to being with in this clip.  That classic missionary legs up in the air style will never go out of fashion when you see it done by a bitch with massive white heels on!  You simply know that a woman wearing those things is going to be an absolute slut; and a slut she certainly is.  When you've finished watching this clip i don't think you'll have any energy left for more but if you want it check out the site and seek her out.
Her legs are pressed all the way back by him as he gives it to this young little slut really good. Then to make it even better he sticks it in my mouth and has me suck all of her juices off before he bends me over and puts it in my ass! How Much Cum Can Bea Cummins Coax From Two Cocks? The Fuck Of The Irish! Hootered Hair Un-Dresser Blonde teen girl in blue swimsuit Kayden Bunny rubbing her pink beaver
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      Duration: 01:00 Amateur sirens Gabriella And Brooke Hunter fucking a lucky dude outdoors "Hey baby! I have a surprise for you for our anniversary," says Jordan. "I know that you like to be dominant, but today, I thought it would be hot if we tried something else. Today I am going to foot fuck you." That's when Jordan asks her boy toy to take her shoe off and smell it. "You like that stink?" she asks playfully. He must because his cock gets nice and hard when he sees her nylon-covered toes. That's when Jordan strips down to just her stockings and starts her slutty ministrations on his hard-on. It isn't long before she is rubbing him down and cheering for him to cum. And when he does, Jordan is so excited at her foot fucking prowess, that she giggles like a school girl and marvels at all of the cum pouring out of the cock between her feet. She might have surprised her boyfriend with a foot job, but the amount of cum that he gives her surprises her right back!
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It's time for Janet Jade to get her boobs in motion with an afternoon of titty training. Now watch this! This is how Janet keeps her incredible breasts in shape. How she keeps them firm, high-riding and tight! She coats them in oil so the skin glistens and shines. Perfect for tit-fucking. Made by nature for tit-fucking. She does curls with free weights. She does jacks. She does a special exercise with a weight belt that is like a trampoline for tits. She does sit-ups and boobie bouncing on a big inflated ball. She works her tits hard. Nipple training is not forgotten. And then she comes up with a vibrator that looks like a club a police officer would hit someone over the head with and proceeds to stuff her pussy while she's balanced on the ball! Janet Jade never, never fails to impress your SCORE friends. This video is a blast! Janet should have her own exercise show on television.
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"I walked in on my boyfriend cheating on me! I was so upset that I ran out into the street and this guy almost hit me with his car. I was so pissed I didn't even care. But this guy talked to me and got me to calm down. I saw that he was a pretty nice guy; nothing like my boyfriend. We went back to his place and to make me feel better he gave me some kisses...on my pussy. I wasn't even thinking about my cheating boyfriend after that! All I cared about was getting this guy's dick inside of me. I spit all over it and sucked it as hard as I could. And well, you can probably guess what happened next!"
      Duration: 01:20 In this fantasy role play local cutie Dana Vixen plays a girl who is so behind on her bills she's desperate to do anything to make some fast cash. When looking through the local paper she finds an ad for a product testing laboratory which is completely female owned and operated. Sounds easy right? Not! No sooner does Dana find out it's just a front for Ashley Fires and Felony, two dirty, lesbian smut peddlers. Dana is sucked into a world of lesbian smut, BDSM, fetish sex and punishment. She finds herself being filmed while fucked in bondage, licking ass, caned, tits tortured and made to worship feet while she's strap on fucked and ass hooked. Dana is made to come over and over again for their dirty little porno and left completely dominated and fucked.
      Duration: 00:39 Sexy teen Sammy talking dirty and teasing us with her sensual mouth
      Duration: 01:00 Brutal head scissors, body locks & back breakers & ass fucking.The roughest match of the year! Tattooed amateur nymphet Stacy getting shaved beaver fucked from behind
The Upper Floor celebrates the darkest days of the year with 
good friends, hot submissives, and fire play.  This update is not to be missed!
      Duration: 01:01 Stimulating bitch Rayveness gets massive breasts banged and gives blowjob
      Duration: 01:00 This food play video produced in August 1995 was originally part of the movie Chloe The Legend, released during the era of the VHS tape. Some of it was later used in The BEST OF CHLOE VEVRIER A DECADE OF ENCHANTMENT DVD. Chloe is first interviewed by the photographer who asks her what made this scene so special to her. Usually very shy and hesistant during video interviews, Chloe explains how she felt that afternoon doing this scene. Once the camera was switched on, Chloe's libidinous powers just exploded and her innate, excessive eroticism poured out of her until the video ended. In an example of how the more things change, the more they stay the same, Natalie Fiore, who has the same kind of seductive European flavor and vibe that Chloe has, did a SCORELAND video in 2009 that is remarkably similar to this video including the sensuous oralization of a banana.
      Duration: 00:55 The 40Something Interview: Blake James Sucks! This month we have 6 new faces and the return of one from last month. The girls are marched in and after a few moments it becomes apparent that I have my work cut out for me. These girls are so nervous that they don't know their right from their left. 

They are given heavy labor with hopes that they can at least do that right. We test them on deep throating skills and orgasm control and intensity. Two are dismissed and now we have five.
      Duration: 02:01

Work Those Pussy Muscles Maitresse Madeline and Aiden Starr's Divine B-day Bash LIVE and PUBLIC! Watch as I try and work my whole hand inside this little girls pussy. You can tell this whore has been around the block a few times but why can't I enjoy this sluts giving nature as well? She looks up ant me and knows her job is to take it. Blue eyed redhead teen Halo showing her pierced nipples
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Dropping Loads On Kayla Stream Sexy lesbian Tarra and Laura fucking their pussies with big dildo If you like big tits blonde whores and plump pouty pink lips then Candy Manson is one sexy mouth-whore you do not want to miss! From her pierced belly ring to her perfectly hairless pussy this high caliber porn whore is a bundle of beauty to feast your eyes on. What makes her even sexier is the fact that she knows it! So many porn sluts have low self-esteem but Candy is an arrogant cocksocket who thinks she is the cream of the crop and she's right! Getting on top of a chatty diva and pumping the attitude right the fuck out of her is a challenge and a privilege. Candy's holes aren't available to just anyone but they are always open for you. So how about putting her in her place with a nice juicy load all over her face?!Candy is a high caliber whore who needs to be tamed- Relentless Lena is a tiny thing, so that makes it easy for guys to toss her around while fucking her. "I only weigh like 84 pounds! So guys like to pick me up and pound me because I'm so light." Here, she's fooling around with a guy. Before she goes into fuck-doll mode, though, her dude fingers her meaty pussy and makes her suck the juice off his digit. Then she goes on to suck his hard cock, which can barely fit in her small mouth. Luckily his wang fits in her pussy no problem! There are lots of close-up fucking shots, and this guy even fingers Lena in the butt.
      Duration: 00:33 Shane DuPlae, a 51-year-old from Northern Minnesota, is here to get fucked in her tight little ass, but before she does, she's going to take us on a video tour of her body. First, we get to see her tight stomach. Then, we get to see her pussy.
"It has its own unique attributes," she says. "I have a rather large clit, and I have it pierced. The way it's positioned, it sits on the most sensitive part of my clit. When I was younger, I was real self-conscious about the size of my clit, and I decided if I can't do anything about it, adorn it."
These days, Shana isn't self-conscious about anything. She's a dominatrix, and when Juan, her stud for the day, comes onto the set, she takes complete command, telling Juan exactly how to eat her pussy, then how to worship her ass. And because Juan's been such a good boy, she sucks his cock and balls. Haven't you always wondered how a dominatrix sucks cock and balls?
As you can tell, this interview is more than an interview. But, hey, you're at What did you expect?
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      Duration: 00:33 Chicks masturbate and finger their pink clits 18yr old FIRST Porn - Mechanical Shagging Overload that makes her SQUIRT! Long haired brunette slut riding anally a massive pecker
      Duration: 01:00 Several of my homies had told me about tell me about Tatum for quite some time. She hung out with her girlfriend at a few clubs I go to.  Tatum was a cute little brunette with a HUGE ass! She tells me that brothers are always trying to get at her and tap that ass but we got her first! Check out Tatum do her first interracial anal here!
Two couples are happily washing a car, but, lets face it, sex is way better than doing that.
While Jamie sucks Jack's dick and then take off for parts unknown, Summer and Victor go way past cock sucking to serious fucking and cumming under the hot sun.
      Duration: 00:36 This video attempts to answer the oft-asked question, "Can a 76-year-old woman ever get enough cock?" In the case of Sandra Ann, our oldest MILF ever, the answer is, apparently, no.
The scene starts innocently enough with Sandra Ann thanking us for liking her. It's her way of saying, "Thank you for jacking to the photos of me deep-throating and fucking total strangers." And to that, Sandra Ann, we say, "You're welcome."
Then Sandra Ann, who has always been much better at action than talk, says, "I think it's time to bring 'em in!" Lucas and John show up, and Lucas asks, "What's up?" Sandra Ann, rubbing his crotch through his pants, says, "I feel something that's up. I'm gonna suck and fuck, baby!"
So Sandra Ann, who some prudes might think should be home needlepointing and watching game shows on TV, sucks one while jacking the other, then sucks the other while jacking the first. She sucks hard and jacks hard, then she gets on all fours to get fucked from behind by white cock while sucking more black cock.
"Oh, fuck, fuck that pussy!"
My, granny, what a horny, filthy slut you are!
      Duration: 00:30 Adorable Indian chick Indra fucking a large schlong
      Duration: 01:00 18 year old teenie solo girl Alison getting horny and wet on sofa In part two of Ultimate Autumn, Autumn meets brunette Lilith, a mid-west hottie and the two girls head to the SCORE dressing room to try on bras over their meaty jugs in a hot scene. Autumn met Germany's Chloe, Russia's Kathy and England's Linsey when she originally modeled in London. Lilith is her first homegrown country cousin. When they're done trying on bras, they go over to a sofa and play with each other's nipples and pussies, sucking and licking the pinkness. Fingers, ice cubes and toys are used to blast off to pleasure land. They really go wild. The room fills with the sound of laughter, orgasmic yelling and tittering, and the sweet scent of girl flesh and pussy juice. A man could get drunk from this.
      Duration: 00:32

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