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Stunning hot Sasha Von is posing and stripping in front of camera Lizzy London is about to get jizzy with it.  She's a slurper so you can expect to hear a lot of that as she sucks the cock we put in her mouth.  she does a sexy little striptease as she takes her "undies" off revealing a star tattoo on her hip and showing her ass to the camera before she gets back down on her knees to slurp away again.  Now that her panties are off you can see her rubbing her clit the entire time she works that rod. I think Jersey girls are HAWT! They're just a little bit trashy and even the barely legal Jersey girls can suck down cock like it's going out of style.I've been begging to have a real Jersey girl at Only Teen Blowjobs for months but the best they could do is an LA girl with a Jersey accent. Well beggars can't be choosers! Nicole Nowak is one of LA's angels but somehow she has an East Coast accent that makes my pussy wet. She's 19 years old and this is her first time sucking dick in front of a camera that wasn't held by some pimply high school boyfriend. What she lacks in skills she makes up for in enthusiasm and she knows how to be completely obedient to the cock she's sucking. When you want her to suck harder she sucks so hard that she starts to look like a puckerfish. And when you tell her to jerk a cock all over her face she doesn't move until her face is speckled with jizz.Nicole Nowak might not be a Jersey girl but she sure sucks like one!*Monique* Are you a sucker for a brown-eyed Latina who loves sucking cock? Melanie Jane is 18 years old and she is the cutest thing on two legs! She's wearing virginal white lingerie with stockings on her long legs and a tiny thong that shows off her curvy ass. She looks like a teenage bride on her wedding night! This Columbian cutie doesn't talk a lot but she knows that the best way to keep a man happy is to keep your mouth full of his cock. Melanie has learned how to massage a pair of balls with her mouth and deepthroat dick without gagging. She looks up with those big brown eyes and makes a cock disappear down her throat while she stares deep into the camera. Melanie Jane is the type of teen cock sucker that you could fall in love with!We love cock-sucking Latinas!*Monique* I love a sophisticated slut -- the kind of woman who wears silk and pearls but really wants a pearl necklace. Kayla Synz is that kind of woman. She starts off wearing virginal lingerie but she can't wait to come out of her lingerie and show off her sexy frame. She does a long tease so that we can admire her long legs and tight abs. This isn't the body of a mommy this is the body of a woman who was made just for fucking. When she comes toward you she looks like a graceful cat stalking her prey; but in this case she's stalking a cock. Kayla uses her whole body to turn that cock to steel. She slaps it against her tits strokes it with her hands and tickles his balls with her fingertips before she even takes it in her mouth. By the time she puts his cock in her mouth she's got him so worked up that it only takes a few licks before she's tasting pre-cum leaking onto her tongue and then she knows its just a matter of minutes before she gets the entire load. Kayla wants all your cream!*Monique*
"I'm an exhibitionist," Haley Hills told us in her first interview in 1998 when she was just starting to become a SCORE regular. "I'm a ham. I enjoy the attention. I enjoy being in front of the camera. I enjoy women and men. I like men a lot more but I still enjoy women." Brittany Love, the Georgia Peach, became the go-to hottie for sexy girl-girl leg spreading and toy play. She swapped spit with Haley, Deanna Baldwin, Dawn Stone and Mary Carey plus went on Boob Cruise 2000 during her peak years with SCORE. In this SCORE Classic from Bosom Buddies #3, Brittany is a travelling saleswoman and Haley is her at-home customer. Miss Love opens a suitcase filled with Doc Johnson products which are not exactly kitchen aids except for women who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Exactly what kind of woman sells vibrators door-to-door at night is a good question but that's the story. Haley rubs lotion on Brittany's nipples, then licks it off. Miss Hills then undresses and  removes Brittany's panties, revealing Miss Love's clit piercing. "I call it my directional aid," explains Miss Love. "It shows you exactly where my clit is." Not that Haley needs a GPS (Global Pussy System) unit to find clitty. They explore each other's supple bodies and manage to find the strap-on in Miss Love's suitcase for true down and dirty pussy drilling! What a pretty pair-up. 
      Duration: 01:12 Sierra Skye goes to the clinic for a breast reduction but Dr. Davis has other plans for her huge tits.  This extremely submissive girl has her fantasies come true as she gets tied up, dominated and fucked!  After some intense  BDSM play, Sierra is dressed in slutty latex and added to the clinic's staff as a sex slave nurse.
      Duration: 00:39 Sexual amateur teen babe in glasses Heidi stripping tight jeans and showing white panties
      Duration: 01:00 Bree Olson signing and showing video for her fans! She loves being naughty even in Public! First off, the camera work is perfect because the studio staff understands how to shoot foot and leg videos from working on Leg Sex magazines and DVDs. Second, unlike a lot of leg videos that feature a silent model doing leg poses, Kerry always speaks in her videos, describing the action in her very sexy British accent. She starts off with red, open-toe slip-ins, progresses to a black pair and then to silver high-heeled sandals. Next is a Victorian-style leg shaving that leads to a leg and foot baby-oiling with sweet foot close-ups. The run-time of this video is 33 minutes with three long video segments added for those with fast connections.
      Duration: 00:44
Small breasted blonde pornstar Gia D Lorenzo rubbing her succulent pussy This has got to be one of the hottest Asians I've ever seen! She's a fine young lady from Japan with a fairly unpronounceable name but I'm pretty sure you'll remember every second of her movie where she playfully flashes her breasts while she masturbates for your enjoyment. What's better than seeing a black chick take a white cock in her pussy? Lovely here is all about the sex and she's always eager to get screwed, so she didn't think twice about doing this outdoor interracial scene with a white guy. Spirited latina whore in pantyhose Kat riding anally a monster phallus
      Duration: 01:00 Horny Asian Asaka's in a very hot mood for pussy pleasuring, so she called up her lover and seduced him with her tight looking hairy beaver. The guy starts working it by indulging it with a vibrator that made it wet and ready for some hard cock pounding.
Live Show Mondays brings you part 4 of 4 of the December live show that featured Lorelei Lee and sexy co-top Isis Love. No Breaks, all on screen tying.
This is the last tie of the day.  Lorelei has suffered in tight, brutal bondage for the last 45 minutes with no breaks or rest.  She has been made to cum over and over in each tie. She is physically and emotionally wrecked but somehow has to make it though one more ordeal. 
Wrists bound together and pulled overhead, with a leg to match, Lorelei must suffer and be tested one more time.  Isis whips her from behind, The Willliams canes her foot and makes her cum over and over from the front, until all of Lorelei's strength is gone.
      Duration: 00:31 Fetish fans rejoice because this clip starring alt-girl Jordan Minor is one for the ages! In knee-high boots buckled from her ankles all the way on up she shows off her flexibility both standing up and crawling on her hands and knees. Be careful Jordan is the kind of girl who can make your cock cum long before your mind is ready! Once you have a fistful of her hair in one hand and a tight grip on her nipple with the other you can see by the look in her eyes that she really is all yours. Her attention never wavers her gag reflex is never your problem and as she says while pulling your cock out of her throat Sometimes I forget to breathe. Fourteen minutes into this rough blowjob you can tell she was wishing we would fuck her other holes instead but this is 1000 Facials and we wanted to use her til she was exhausted from the neck up in this one! The scene ends as all good ones should with Jordan's pretty face plastered by a big batch of ball juice! Jordan Minor gives major head in this clip- Relentless Big breasted erotic brunette babe sucking a giant dildo with lust
      Duration: 01:00 Big assed brunette granny Marketa riding a giant dong and giving blowjob TS Danni Daniels fucks a Straight Couple in: The Red Light Restricted
"Why Don't I Go And Stroke It For You?" Students sex party with lots of booze Natasha is so very very Nice... she's 18 with a killer body and big jiggly natural tits!!  I'm looking at this chick thinking she is just so... Nice!!  But then Natasha Nice gets on her knees puts that Cock in her mouth and... -WHOA!-  She's fuckin' NAUGHTY!!!  Hell yeah!!!  How the fuck does a little teenager know how to gurgle and suck down a COCK like THAT?!?  Her Hoover technique creates more suction than the vacuum it's named after!!  (Are her cheeks gonna implode?)  That's some airtight sucking!!  And the way that Natasha's eyes are totally fixed on you the whole time she's got her mouth stuffed is just plain sexy!!  Even though Natasha DOES blow her own cover that she's only pretending to be kind we still have the question... Is she naughty...?  Or is she Nice...?  'Cause ya know after all she is only a child!!  We might still have that wondering if she truly is naughty.  Maybe the cum drinking at the end will clear that all up for ya!  I don't know ANY nice girls that will lap up a puddle of cum straight from your palm!!!Only Dream BlowjobsNeecie OnlyTeenBlowjobs Team Member Proud gay Lance loves to play and goes for a hot solo in this sexy porn flick. Watch these blondie as he takes his clothes off inch by inch and tease his audience with his muscled body. Lance got himself so horny that he made his cock jerk in excitement. Little Sexy Lexi

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Sindee Rose is the kind of girl you'd hook up with at a concert and party with all afternoon. The two of you would share your booze and when you're both feeling good you'd sneak off to her camper for a quickie. You can tell Sindee all the kinky shit you like because you know it's just going to be a one time thing. Fuck her face and ask her to suck your balls as much as you want and she'll never think you're a freak. Along with an openness for ball-sucking we found Sindee's gag reflex in perfect working order. Whether we put her in 69 or POV she just kept gagging. As a matter of fact the only time she wasn't gagging is when she was juggling a pair of balls in her mouth. I don't know if she ate a big meal or partied too hard the night before but sometimes it's just fun to watch a girl struggle to keep her lunch down. Anyone got a bucket? Marvelous things happen to me from time to time! You know such things you wouldn‘t believe in unless they happened to you. I was looking for a fancy dress shop cause Helloween was coming soon. I found the shop and there I met this blonde hottie, perfect target for my public fuck adventures! When I asked her where she was from, she said she was from Romania. Transylvania, to be more precise. I found that hilarious! We started talking, got to know each other... Soon enough she was showing me her ... Macho gay men Derrick Mills and Jeremy Brooks got so hot and bothered after their wild oral fuckfest that they hurriedly grabbed their dicks and took turns in giving each other a wild ass fuck. They gave each other an unforgettable and messy anal pounding. Sometimes you have to spice things up a bit in the bedroom to keep the ladies happy. Sometimes they want you to romance 'em, sometimes they want you to come over with fancy massage oils and play masseur, and sometimes they want you to role play. We know, we know. All of these things seem tedious and do nothing for you. That's why we are all for the proactive type of woman who likes to keep things fresh by dressing up for YOU. The type of chick who channels her inner freak and shows up dressed in an outfit made up entirely of leather straps. A lady like Savannah Jane. This busty ball breaker comes to the party dressed up and ready to beat your meat...literally. Watch her play with clamps and suction cups on her amazing nipples and then use her straps on this dick, too. We suggest that if you don't like to do any extra work in the bedroom, you find yourself a fun-bagged freak like Savannah. She will do all the work and you get to splatter her with all of the benefits of that hard work.  
      Duration: 01:01 Bend me over and lick my pussy!  I WISH!  Since you can't be here to lick it I will have to do the job myself and finger my little pussy until I cum all over my fingers1 And once they are covered in my cum I will lick them clean!
White fishnet stockings and a royal purple body stocking frame the delicious ass of Olivia O'lovely as perfectly as the mountains frame the sky! You can hear what sounds like the roar an airplane engine at the start of the scene but trust me that's just the noise Olivia's ass makes as it gears up for action! Her thick black lover shows up and spreads massage oil all over her shiny phat ass - he can't wait to get his dick inside it! After just a dozen or so dips down her throat he pulls his rod out of her mouth and turns her around for some stand-up fucking. She holds onto the house with both hands so he doesn't knock her the fuck over with each hip-popping thrust. They can't even make it into the house from the porch without stopping for some bonus fucking every few feet along the way. The ass banging gets up to full speed as they spoon on the couch with his cock inside her to the base of his ballsack. Our homeboy gets so damn excited about the idea of ATMing her that he starts speaking Spanish for no reason! He gets the last word however because Olivia's mouth is too full of his spunk at the end for her to speak! Olivia O?lovely?s Ass Is As Powerful As A Jet Engine!-	Relentless An interview with Avalynne O'Brien, a 45-year-old MILF from Fort Lauderdale, Florida by way of Avalynne, starts this video. Don't worry. Avalynne will get to the fucking soon enough, but first we get to know her. She tells us early on that she has a 23-year-old, which puts her well into MILF category and makes her tight, hot body even more impressive. Also impressive: Avalynne's ability to continue the interview while stroking the big, black cock, then while sucking it. Eventually, the video moves to full-on fucking, and for a little woman, Avalynne takes Lucas's thick cock hard and deep. Luck has nothing to do with it.
      Duration: 00:50 Horny office babe masturbating her snatch with her glasses Sadistic wife cuckolds husband with tantric sex specialist. Amazingly blonde wife playing with a large dildo
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KARINA HART: THE GIRL WHO HAS EVERYTHING Winsome brunette hooker in sexy lingeria gets double rammed on the couch
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      Duration: 01:00 Love Your Tits...  Ooh!  Love yours too!!  Gianna Micheals and Brandy Talore make the perfect horny full-tittied pair!!  Their plump puppies are way more than any man's handful and are ALL natural!!!  No additives or bi-products here gentlemen!!  Just 4 genuine jiggly jugs here to give you all the tittie-fucking and cock-sucking you could want!!  They're so big in fact that we had to give 'em names!!  And so what is better than two large-chested women??  Ones that can swallow and choke on a dick of course!!  Gianna and Brandy just do NOT let us down in that department!  And then with their 2-ton titties pressed up against each other the Cock blows a load that drips down into all the cleavages and crevices of those rolling hills!!!  Good Times.  Good Times...  --NeecieLoveYourTits Team Member A Sweater Valentine
Ever wanted to meet a girl into feet as much as you are? Well, wait no more. Sydney Silver loves feet. Hers in particular. She rubs them, massages them and lotions them, all while she fingers herself. She is so into her size 8's that just running her hands over her soles excites her. She moans as she slips her fingers through her toes and groans as she jacks her foot like it was a big cock. This little lady appreciate peds as much as you do. So what are you waiting for? Drop your pants and show Sydney you love her feet, too.
      Duration: 00:50 Human Furniture Sweet mature babe Katja Kassin gets sexy breasts and round booty licked
      Duration: 01:00 Shana DuPlae, our 51-year-old horse trainer from Northern Minnesota, plays nurse in a scene that defies belief but definitely shows us how we want our mature nurses to act. For one, Shana is dressed in a porno nurse's outfit: short (we can see her panties when she sits down and spreads her legs slightly) and unbuttoned to expose her red bra. She tells her patient, "I'm going to be touching your body in some sensitive locations. Are you comfortable with that?" At that moment, you'll be touching your own body in some sensitive locations. Then Shana asks, "Do you need to take Viagra," and instead of waiting for his answer, she strokes his cock and finds out for herself. Schwing! Shana conducts a thorough examination, sucking his cock, then finding out for herself how it works by having him fuck her shaved pussy in a variety of positions. You know, there has been a lot of talk in the U.S. about health care reform. We're voting for Shana's version.
      Duration: 01:00 Rah! Rah! Big Tatas!
Huge titted redhead wife masturbating her snatch on the couch
      Duration: 01:00 Eve Laurence gets her pink snatch drilled from behind
      Duration: 01:00 Divine Bitch: Goddess Aiden Starr
Bitchboy: Jason Miller
Slave Jason Miller is one step closer to serving Maitresse Madeline but not one step closer to freedom. His useless piece of meat is still locked away in chastity. He's flogged, spanked and weights hang from his gigantic, boiling over balls. His ass is fucked deep by an enormous strap on cock then his breath taken away by Goddess Aiden Starr's perfect ass mounted right on his face. Maybe she feel sorry for him, who knows, but she actually takes this bitchboy out of chastity to fuck him with the high powered fucksall rubber pussy. Precum oozes from the tip of his dick. But, Goddess Aiden never lets him cum. Instead she soaks his dick and balls in a bucket of ice water. Jason pleads for his freedom while Goddess Aiden laughs hysterically and stuffs his aching prick back in the cage then throws away the key forever!
Slave Jason is on his way. Will he have what it takes to satisfy Maitresse?
Maitresse's Evaluation

improve posture
much improved posture

quit incessant whining
whining went to a dull moan 

endure bondage
still lacks flexibility for bondage

Closing assessment

remain in chastity
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pain tolerance and processing improving from day one
devotion is evident
suggest endurance and strength testing next

      Duration: 00:38 You've probably heard of that other Ms. Ray doing cooking shows on those food television channels. Well now porn has it's own Nicole Ray and unlike the food eating TV host this hot 18er from Southern Illinois weighs in at just under 95 pounds! So let's head over to the bedroom and see what we can cook up today. The recipe calls for big cock petite pussy and so much pounding that you'll think we were filming this hardcore fuck-scene during a planet-rattling earthquake! She moans and exhales every deep breath with this high-pitched wheezing groan as if all the air is being pumped out of her one deep penetrating thrust at a time! If you haven't noticed her before Nicole Ray is a dish to be enjoyed slowly with the kind of patience and persistence that leads to sexual perfection!Slow sweet and stuffed full of oversized MEAT... that's Nicole Ray - Relentless Hentai chick pukes all over the floor while her friends are recording everything with a camera

Allyssa Hall tag teams a cock with her best friend in this interracial fuck fest.  Hearing her friend getting off pushes Allyssa over the edge and she is forced to masturbate as she waits her turn for that stiff cock.  She likes how her friends cum warmed it up and lubed it up just right for it to be able to slip into her wet and waiting pussy. Denim Queen Research and surveys indicate that a large percentage of very busty girls wake up very horny and wind up masturbating before they even pad into the kitchen for their morning coffee. Once Kerry has satisfied herself with a healthy orgasm, she feels drowsy and the need to sleep in a bit overcomes her. She deserves it.
      Duration: 00:41 Bailey brings a hundred and ten percent so we give her a hundred and twenty.  From the very start of the interview we begin to overwhelm her tits and clit with four machine wands working her over. We add the SatisfyHer that fucks at vibration-like speed, pin her open with the vibrators so she can't close her legs and then fuck her silly.  Then she shows us how it's done, with an ass fucking that just won't quit. 
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Bus Fuck Karina's First TIT-FUCK! Young girl gets taken advantage of by two old men. Old on young is one of my fetishes says Bree. She loves to do anything they say. What 19 year old could turn down the cash these two guys were offering! She'll take the dick and suck it! Lovely blonde horny babysitter Nadia receives cum and swallows it Here's Thalia Tate, a stripper with a 44-inch ass. She loves to fuck. When she's dancing, she loves to use her booty. "When I'm giving a lap dance, I get my ass right up against the guy's face so he can practically sniff my booty. If he'd like, he can pull aside my G-string and lick my butthole. Only if the bouncer isn't looking, of course. If he's not, we're both gonna have a real good time!" Thalia looks like she's having a good time right here. "I always have a good time when there's a hard dick involved," she said.
      Duration: 00:31
Things that Jayden thinks are lame: school, schoolwork, studying and her friend who won't pick her up when she's skipping. Things that Jayden doesn't think are lame: being naked, blow jobs, cock and fucking. Unable to take the utter suckiness of school, Jayden ditches class and needs to find a ride fast before she gets caught. Dressed the way she is, that's not much of a problem. Some dude picks her up and it's not long till this blonde hottie is doing all the fun things on her 'Not Lame' list. She takes out her little tits and lathers up this guy's dick with her wet mouth. Then it's her turn to get some lovin'. Jayden hops on top of his cock and rides away, shaking her ass and talking dirty. This bad girl gets her pussy spanked and learns her lesson after getting pounded and creamed. And that is why sex is always better than school!
      Duration: 01:10 Trinity is a gorgeous blonde babe that always wants great sex and now she visits us here at 1000 Facials for a hardcore facial cum shot action she's sure to get it. The guy who's fucking her and playing with her pussy really looks like he's enjoying himself and when i look Trinity up and down especially when her face is covered in cum i can see why. Trinity loves her close up facial shot and she teases the camera with all that guy's thick hot jizz hanging off her chin! Go and check her out for yourself you certainly won't regret watching this movie it has a happy ending! BONUS UPDATE: THE MIDNIGHT SNACK PART 2 Proxy Paige needs to get cock in her mouth in order to survive.  Well at least you'd think that if you were to see this movie clip; this bitch seems almost entirely dependent on the cock to make her happy!  Hell i'd voluneer my meat to her any day of the week if she's going to wobble her head around it like that and make it nice and hard in her mouth.  We like the way she looks directly into the camera too in order to maintain that lovely POV effect that everyone seems to love these days! Gorgeous brunette trollop getting slammed by a massive schlong
Giant boobed whore in fishnets Emily George gets fucked doggy style on the couch
      Duration: 01:00 I've done a lot of research and I've found that there's only one thing that separates the good girls from the bad girls - lack of a gag reflex. Guess which side Michelle Avanti falls on. She might gurgle and cough up enough spit to fill Lake Michigan but one thing she will not do is choke. Even when we lean her back and pile drive a cock into her esophagus she takes it like her throat is a pussy. After you see Michelle show her O face and beg for a load of cum to coat her face you won't have any doubts about this very very nasty girl.We've got a live one here boys! **Monique** Annie Cruz gets her trimmed kitten fucked on a pool table
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If seeing two hot and busty blonde naked and having lesbian sex is the kind of thing you're looking for, then this scene is right up your alley! These sexy blonde are horny lesbians that love nothing more than to get it with each other. We join them by two pool with these ladies naked and having oral sex. Hottie brunette babe with juicy tits gets pounded from behind
      Duration: 01:00 Tracy Tello, a 50-year-old soon-to-be-a-divorcee from Cleveland, Ohio, says she "loves being touched." Well, in her first hardcore scene ever, Tracy gets touched a lot by our man Shaggy and does a lot of touching, too, stroking his cock and leg through his pants, then getting on top of him and grinding her plush ass into his lap. By the time Tracy takes his cock out, it's hard.

And why wouldn't it be? After all, like we said, Tracy is a first-timer in front of the camera, which is always enough to get us off. And she's a redhead. And she really loves sex.

I just love being able to cum as many times as possible," she said. "It doesn't matter how a man makes me cum, as long as he does it."

So Tracy sucks and fucks in several positions clearly getting satisfied. And where does Tracy take her first on-camera load of cum? Hey, you don't expect us to give away the ending, do you?
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This scene is from my feature movie Bree's Big Campout.  It starts with just one guy using me and fucking me for all I am worth and then what happens?  I get his cock in my mouth to lick clean while a new cock fills my pussy up. Katie Rae is one hot chick that loves anal! In this video, you'll be watching this sexy brunette strut her good then go face down and ass up to welcome a huge black dick in her butt. She's loving every minute of it and I'm sure you will too! The first great thing about this behind-the-scenes clip is that we get to hear Kristina's voice. Kristina doesn't speak English, so we had one of our videographers ask her questions in Spanish and interpret her answers. The second great thing about this clip is the sight of Kristina's amazing, lactating J-cups dripping milk. Now, when most women are lactating, they need a little help-a squeeze or a suck-to get the milk out. But Kristina stands there without even touching her tits and it's just drip, drip, drip. Like a leaky faucet! And then, sometimes, the milk comes out of her in a steady stream. The clip is short but sweet, a good primer for tomorrow's boy-girl video, when Kristina sends her milkers into hardcore action!
      Duration: 00:40 Big assed brunette amateur girl Larissa Fox jumping a large prick in bedroom Boobahontas
Divine Bitch: Mistress Ashley Fires
Sub: Zak Tyler
I don't know what it is about him but there's something. After three days of training and a few events under his belt, Zak Tyler is really shaping up to be a well rounded piece of slave meat. Yeah, he yells a lot when his dick is electrocuted, he squints when his nipples are tortured with heavy weights, he forgets to offer gratitude when his ass is reamed by a gigantic strap-on and he can barely contain himself when given an excruiciating painful ruined orgasm but it's oh so fun to watch and torture him! Given the fact of where slave Zac started it's astonishing how much he can take now. True devotion. But let's not get ahead of ourselves; he has a long way to go and if it wasn't for how well he worshiped Mistress Ashley's ass and pussy then we might not be throwing this sub slut a bone.
Come back and see if slave Zac Tyler becomes Madeline's new favorite!
Maitresse's Evaluation

conquer the intensity of electrical CBT

cater to the princess phenomenon
amuse her in any way shape or form

relinquish manhood
endure a painful ruined O

Closing assessment

slave has made significant progress from first training session
devotion is apparent
anal training sucessful
skills are there, need refinement

      Duration: 02:01 When these two guys agreed to help this hot young chick in cute striped stockings with her studies and give her some lessons they knew they’d teach her threesome sex. They know how to deal this salacious and innocent looking girl. What they want is to feel her warm lips on the hard peckers moving up and down and also some deep throating with further extreme double penetration and just anal and oral fuck! Enchanting indian chick Kharti stripping her panties and touching her body with lust Pussy hustlers Matt and Tony are rolling along the streets looking for a girl to thump when they spot super-hot chick Monika checking her mailbox. She's smokin'! These fine gentlemen pull over and chat her up, finding out that her parents are away. Naturally their only goal for the day is to get into her house so Tony can fuck her while Matt videotapes it. The phrase "lock up your daughters" was made with these scholars in mind. Fast talkers, they tell her they are shooting a documentary and want her to be in it. Naturally she falls for this routine and invites them in. Monika tells them that she's a student studying cosmetology and massage therapy. That's music to the ears of these derelicts. When Tony offers to give Monika a massage on her bed, the game begins!
      Duration: 01:03 When you call a gal a whore and it's a compliment you know you've got a winner.  Lexi is a throat whore.  But she wears it like a badge of honor.  She is and absolute freak who literally orgasms she says when you fuck her face and throat until she gags.  Check out this vid.  This is a real treat for any throat gag fan.  We get the feeling she could have handled even more...
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