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      Duration: 01:00 Back Stage "I don't like to be kept waiting. My pizza took too long and my stomach was growling. So I told the delivery boy to come in and feed it to me. When I finally bit into that cheesy slice I had so many emotions going through my body. I was so happy to finally get something in my belly and at the same time I felt so fucking horny having this stranger feed me. Before I knew it I was taking out my big ol' titties so he could look at them while he fed me. And if you know anything about big, horny women, you know that if the food they're eating is good enough to make them take those titties out, it's time to fuck. Even though this delivery boy was late with my pizza, I still tipped him with my pussy."
      Duration: 00:45 Pushing-60 Rita Daniels Fucks Herself Proud gay Lance loves to play and goes for a hot solo in this sexy porn flick. Watch these blondie as he takes his clothes off inch by inch and tease his audience with his muscled body. Lance got himself so horny that he made his cock jerk in excitement.
Round jugged blonde teen babe getting pink twat fucked from behind Porn superstar Trina Michaels has won many awards and been in some truly amazing hardcore videos during her long and illustrious career in hardcore sex movies. However it has been a while since this blonde with big tits and three horny holes has had herself truly battle-tested by a pair of guys with huge cocks who want to hammer her deep in a double penetration that brings the flesh between her pussy and ass to the edge what it can withstand! Download this bonus scene because it is destined to become one of your all time favorites and a true testament to the enduring sexual gifts of Trina Michaels the naughtiest nymph of the last few years! Trina Is Still On Top Of Her Game We don't want you to be shocked when you start watching this busty blonde babe pleasuring herself, but Kaylee has something that's kinda rare these days...pubes! Not a huge, tangled thatch, but more than what 99 percent of girls have these days. Kaylee also has long fingers, and she uses them to the max by burying them deep in her cunt as she gets herself off in a very energetic diddle session. 
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Ariel X. Enough said. Adorable amateur girl Luisa Rosa wanking and slurping a big phallus
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      Duration: 01:00 Heather and Tegan are first year college coeds who share everything. That is, until Tegan finds Heather's vibrator and suddenly wants nothing to do with her best friend.  But Heather doesn't take no for an answer and throws Tegan on the bed, determined to show her what the Hitachi is all about. Tegan puts up a fight but quickly loses and lets her BFF get even more acquainted with her tight pussy. The girls explore handcuffs and blindfolds, orgasm denial and Heather even cums so hard she squirts all over Tegan's naked belly.
      Duration: 01:01 Graceful Indian honey Kajal gets pussy fucked doggy style
"I knew you would be here sooner or later," says Jennifer while she uses an emery board on her toenails.  You see, every time she gives herself a pedicure, her ped pervert of a boyfriend shows up to help polish her feet with his cum.  He calls it painting her pretty feet with his sauce. There is nothing that he loves more than watching her wrap her mocha peds around his stiff ,white dick while he watches and talks dirty to her. "Does this satisfy your foot fetish?" she asks him while he humps her little piggies. And all though he doesn't answer her, his huge load on her soles is proof that he does.
      Duration: 00:41 6 cum shots salut - Ts Paris Farewell to Porn Dani and Dominica are two of the hottest girls on the planet. Auburn-haired Dani Woodward has a fiery personality and a set of luscious pink dick-sucking lips. Dominica Leoni is an exotic blonde with perky tits and a hot pussy. Just one of these girls would be almost too hot to handle but having both of them slobbering all over your cock is like heaven. Deep-throat queen Dani starts the party by opening her mouth and swallowing his cock all the way down her throat. Her friend patiently waits her turn and they play "pass the meat" with his fat cock. But these girls want more than the cock in their mouths they want to feel it inside them too. He alternates between each pussy until he gives them a load of hot jizz to play with.Two cock sucking masters unite!*Monique* Boobs (Ruby Reaper) is chained to the wall and thrown onto a sybian. Her feet off the ground as gravity does its work smashing that hungry cunt onto the relentless monster of a vibrator. Her breasts are wrapped with dozens of black rubber bands, then bound together until they are firm bulbs that can feel every sting of a whip. 
We put the gas mask on her and take away the privilege of breathing. She convulses with every uncontrollable orgasm only to inhale as she is flushed from pussy to head with constant cumming. Lots of cumming and lots of breath play. Boobs has the perfect body to accentuate and the skin to show the abuse. Not to mention the sounds that little mouth makes when she is deprived breath and relief of overstimulation.
      Duration: 00:31 Dropping Loads On Kayla Stream
White Panty Fever Mason Jennings and Zak Pierce are back to show us more of their rock hard muscles and big cocks! Mason goes bottom for Zak and starts by giving his buddy a blowjob. He lowers himself on the cock and gives is a good sucking. WELCOME TO THE START OF A BRAND NEW SEASON.

Season Eight Match

The Grinder 
HT: 5'5
WT: 135 lbs
Season record (0-0) 
Lifetime record (0-1)

HT: 5'9
WT: 124lbs
Season record (0-0) 
Lifetime record (1-4)

Season Eight is now upon us. All new rookies, all new rivalries. Ultimate Surrender brings you the ONLY non-scripted competitive sex wrestling in the world. The only league of its kind in existence. 
Coffee Brown is back for Season 8. This local girl is almost all solid muscle.  She wrestled back in Season 6 and lost her first match to a stronger Yana Jordan.  Coffee has the body type to do very well if she can put in the time and get the mat experience. 
Rain DeGrey is back for the new season as well; what makes Rain different from almost every other returning Season 7 rookie is the extra training Rain has gotten off the mat.  Rain has a personal wrestling trainer and works out once a week with him.  This is how you succeed at Ultimate Surrender.
Rain dominates her stronger opponent from the start.  Using crushing leg scissors, Rain makes Coffee submit multiple times. Rain's crushing legs are just too much for the Grinder to handle.  Rain also brings the smack-talk to mat.  Not only does she destroy her opponent but she rubs it in at the same time. 
      Duration: 00:39 Nothing quite like a hot blonde bitch with big tits to make you cum is there?  And when they look as good as Emilianna you know that it won't take long to get that cum don't you?  ooops!  I bet you've done it already haven't you?  Never mind you can always wait ten minutes and try again can't you?  This hot babe with the big natural tits is going to be here on the free clips for a long time yet so you can enjoy her as often as you like.  If you want more go and get it guys! Real Life BDSM couple

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How To Stiffen Nipples Ah, young love. It is a magical thing, full of the flitting and fluttering of emotions and the quick rush of inexperienced passion. Nothing exudes more heat than two young lovers lost in experimentation and giving in to their newfound lust. Kirra is a virginal cheerleader who doesn't know much about sex, but she knows that she harbors secret desires that she is afraid to share. In a bold and brash move, she asks her boyfriend to smell and lave her toes and when he does she becomes wanton and wild, giving him her cherry and her feet to cum on. 
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      Duration: 01:00 When Nikki Daniels pulls over to be nice to a hitchhiker she isn't doing it just to be kind. She also doesn't really care if he needs a ride all she knows is that SHE needs a good ride! Recognizing big dick pornstars on the street is one way for a girl like Nikki to get her holes full of cock quickly but she told us that she actually has a bunch of tricks designed to help her find the huge dicks she craves. Within a few hours after filming this video Nikki Daniels was back on the street cruising for cock again... the bigger the better!
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Tattooed teen in stockings Pain spreads legs and rubs her pierced clit
      Duration: 01:00 Hot horny Chris and Victoria are licking each others shaved pussy Game... Set... Cum! Shy schoolgirl kissing and touching eachother Naomi is a sultry little vixen with an amazing ass.....round firm and bubbly and hungry for cock.  She gives us a wild and passionate scene-cocksucking asslicking fucking and more before she begs to get fucked in the ass.  She takes and thoroughly enjoys an incredible anal pounding in this intense scene-check it out!
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It goes down to the wire.  Both teams giving everything they have to win the Championship match.  The Dragons are trailing and Team Ice is looking for the upset of the year.  
The crowd goes crazy in the last minute of the match, all the girls dig deep inside to come out with the victory.  This last round is one of the most amazing Rounds we have ever seen in a Tag Team Match up!  Who goes to the locker room victorious, which team is going to get fucked in front of the live audience for losing?
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Ali wants to be a working girl, and she's willing to go the extra mile to make sure she gets the job. That means seducing the guy interviewing her by taking off her clothes and getting on all fours on his desk. "I bet you didn't think your day at work was going to be this good," she says. And it gets even better when she moves her pink thong aside to rub her tight, bald twat. You get gratuitous shots of her clam as she fingers it while she's face down, ass up. Her tits are small and perky, her ass is round and firm and her two fingers can barely fit into her little pussy. But she makes it happen, and cums hard while doing it. Anything to get the job!
      Duration: 00:32 A word of advice: Don't tell Vicky what to do. She knows what she wants, and if you try to stop her, that will just make her want it more. So what is it that she wants? To go "buck wild." Unfortunately, her mother is a strict Russian woman who imposes the same harsh laws of the motherland on her daughter. Vicky ain't having it. She's got a sexy accent, a cute face and a tight pussy that needs filling. She runs away and runs into cock right off the bat. She doesn't waste any time getting down to business. This guy goes from soft to rock-hard in seconds when Vicky wraps her lips around his meat-pole. Surely Vicky's mother wouldn't approve of her expert oral skills and slutty cock-riding ways, and that's exactly why she does it.
      Duration: 01:23 Laura Lion masturbates in her bedrooom with a huge dildo Amazing fuck in public toilet Jarred has a problem. He's been called into the office of his boss's wife, and even though she's a hot, tight-bodied MILF, and even though he's had his eyes on her ever since he started working at the company, he's in trouble.

"I hate to have these kind of conversations, but I had to have you come in here," Diamond says. "You're just not producing like you used to. I'm probably going to have to let you go."

But Jarred is going to get one last chance to prove his worth, and it doesn't involve working. It involves eating Diamond's pussy and working it over with his cock. By the time this video is over (and Diamond has cum about 20 times), he has not only earned his place in the company, he's earned his place in Diamond's tight, juicy, pink cunt. And if he wants to keep his job, there's one aspect of his performance that he's going to have to keep up.

Note to all business owners out there: Keep your sexy MILF wife at home.
      Duration: 00:38
We found Nichole out on the street walking through town and the moment we set our eyes on her we had a hard time calming our hearts down. The excitement built as we talked to her and tried to lure her back to our hotel. When she agreed to come with us we knew that the hunt was well worth it because of the way she kept smiling as she looked at our jeans! Irresistible hentai shemale gets dick fucked by a horny chick
      Duration: 01:00 As our video starring Twilight Starr opens, the new hottie from the Bay Area performs a sexy, jiggly, ass-bouncing little go-go dance to heat up the room. She does all that and more, bouncing her big 38G caliber guns. Her dancing alone is horny. Twilight waits on the couch for the cock provider of this scene who is running a few minutes later, but has yet to miss the chance to bone a new XL Girl. Twilight rubs her tits and pussy to warm them up. When Shaggy arrives, he makes a nosedive right for Twilight's tits, skipping the obligatory chit-chat. Maybe next time! Let us tell you we were highly impressed with Twilight's blow job style. Wet, messy and deep with slurping sounds that only make a man's bone grown harder. Twilight jumps on the cock with high energy, leaving her FM heels on the whole time as she bounces and rides. This is one horny girl who loves fucking dick, has fun, and she lets you know it. We think she's going to be very, very popular if she keeps it up.
      Duration: 00:47 Chris walks into a honky-tonk bar next to the financial district looking desperately for directions. He's lost his cell phone, his wallet and probably by now, his girlfriend who is waiting in another bar somewhere downtown. All of this would gain sympathy anywhere but in Foxxy's saloon.  Foxxy takes one look at this clean cut, stressed out banker and decides to have some fun. She convinces him to clean up in exchange for a drink and once the whiskey hits his system, she pounces.  The banker is on his knees in this dirty bar taking cock in his mouth and opening his ass up in four different positions for Foxxy's cock and cum.
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Jayden Prescott's got a big-boob fetish and that makes her a girl after our own hearts. If you're not a member of SCORELAND or you didn't see her first set of pictures in April '10 SCORE magazine, here's some background. Jayden emailed some photos to SCORE and told us that she and her husband are big fans. Her husband has been a SCORE and Voluptuous reader since 1993 and is a SCORELAND member also and the reason that she's a SCORE fan. Meeting and marrying Jayden fulfilled a major life's goal for him. His own SCORE Girl at home! When Jayden came to SCORE, she said that besides posing bare, she wanted to try XXX boy-girl action. With anal too! This was like hitting a jackpot in Las Vegas. This video, "Jayden's First Time," is a world premiere for this brand-new model. Jayden is super-horny as you will soon see. Her hub is a lucky man! Having this babe around the house, a busty hottie who's into the SCORE scene, big tits, has many SCORE DVD's at home, buys sexy clothes and heels...well, that's the ultimate boob heaven for a breast-lover. When Jayden was getting pounded in the studio, we could hear her yells of pleasure through the wall. She is a sensational fuck partner and clearly loves fucking and sucking and cum all over her tits and on her lips. Now Jayden is a SCORE Girl and looks proud to be one! Welcome to the big show, Jayden!
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      Duration: 01:00 "I was on my way to go study when I met this guy in the elevator. He noticed my books and asked me if I could help him study. I told him I could teach him a thing or two. So we go back to his place, right. I was thinking, 'fuck the books, I wanna suck his dick!' I mean, did this guy really want to study? I didn't want to be too forward but it looked like I was going to have to make a move. Good thing I wasn't wearing any panties! I sat with my legs open so he could get a good look at my bare pussy. Everything just fell into place after that. He started sucking my tits and stroking my pussy, and I sucked his cock. It was so big I didn't know if it would fit in my cunt. But it did, and it felt really good."
      Duration: 01:22 Sometimes sex is all about the suspense! When Ruby Knox is your cum target she likes to take things slow and build up to the frantic facial finale! This video is almost a full hour long so you can really get comfortable and become fully immersed in a world that Ruby creates for you with her eyes her perfect natural tits and her warm wet mouth. She doesn't rush the moment or get too greedy for your cum she knows that the slow build will earn her a much larger load in the long run and the goo spewed all over her cheeks and chin at the end of this marathon fuck proves she was right all along!Slow And Steady All Over Ruby's Face!- Relentless Kiki Koi is 18 years old and ready for whatever we can sexually throw at her. She is one of the those girls who inspire fucking, not just because she is hot and innocent looking, but because she is so willing to try anything.  
The mechanical tongues lick her clit while the suction machine pulls on her tits and The Snake fucks her mouth and pussy. She is pinned to the couch and cumming.  Her love of nipple clamps is taken to the max as two chains of clover clamps are ATTACHED to The Fucksall. Imagine clamps so tight the mere application of them is painful and then, THEN have a drill that fucks at 700 RPM pull and vibe them while the dong pounds her pussy. Ah,  needless to say we have Kiki's attention and eventually her squirt, as she releases in an epic hose of cum that leaves her sitting in a puddle.  And then, yes there is more, then we do a stretching scene. If you watched the live portion of this shoot, you can see Kiki try to fit a very thick cock in her that just won't fit. That is until we warm her up and stretch her out and she takes the full shaft of the monster cock and finishes with yet another amazing orgasm.  To see the first portion of Kiki's shoot - go to the live show page and click on her shoot.
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Two trashy lesbians sharing hot cum in a gangbang Patricia actually has a name that tells us she's petite and when you look at her getting her tiny little body fucked like a bunny you'll see just why she's called that.  When our man pulls his giant cock out of Patricia's ass it looks like she's just given birth to it for Christ's sake it's so wet and juicy and ready for anything.  She loves it pushing in her ass nice and slow while she plays with her petite little pussy and makes herself come like a wild animal.  That's what your sexual urges are though i suppose; very animalistic! Sexy Luscious and her sexy foot is worshipped by her horny sugar daddy. See him fulfill his sexual fantasy as he pays homage to Luscious and her beautiful feet. Watch him kneel down and give it the tribute it deserves. That and more in this sexy video! Busty blond tranny Fabi Colt  wanking her huge penis in the backyard
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Join the Upper Floor for a decadent holiday dinner
to be followed with plenty of bondage, corporal, and fucking.
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Freddi Elle can take the whole of this cock into her mouth and to the back of her throat no matter what position she's in.  When you have a babe like this you certainly make the most of it don't you?  This is why you hear her man telling her to suck on it as often as he can.  He must be so getting off on telling her what to do when she's already doing it.  I don't think that i could have asked her to do anything less unreasonable considering she already has a mouthful of cock or perhaps he's referring to someone else's cock? We have this beautiful blonde lady with perfect natural tits doing all sorts of nasty things for the camera. She's a super hot amateur who's eager to make her mark and here we get to see her take her shot by sucking and fucking out stunt cock. Salacious blonde goddess fingering her fuckable pink cooshie
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